Vinyasa Yoga

75 mins
Aug 4
4 spots

Classical Yoga Vinyasa Flow Class where sequences of poses are linked together with slow movement and synchronized breath.

Karin Foschetti

Instructor (substitute)


Live Yoga

Room: LiveYoga Shala

Celebesstraat 6

1094 EJ Amsterdam

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Karin Foschetti

Instructor (substitute)

Karin is an experienced Pilates and Yoga teacher. She studied in Rome at the Dance Arts Faculty. After working as a professional dancer she decided to dedicate herself to teaching and sharing her passion for movement with others. She loves Pilates and Yoga because of the connection between movement and well-being. She believes that a right amount of dedication to our body is a good way to reconnect with ourselves. Her classes are focused on building flexibility, strength muscles and alignment of the body where correct breathing and a strong core are key to improve balance in your daily life.