Iyengar Yoga

75 mins
Aug 2
4 spots

Iyengar Yoga is a form of yoga as exercise with a focus on the structural alignment of the physical body through the practice of asanas. It differs from other styles of yoga in three ways: precision, sequence, and use of props. Precision is sought in body alignment in every asana.

Sylvia den Edel

Instructor (substitute)


Live Yoga

Room: LiveYoga Shala

Celebesstraat 6

1094 EJ Amsterdam

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Sylvia den Edel

Instructor (substitute)

Sylvia is an Ex-professional dancer who has graduated from the Amsterdam School of Art. She now finds Yoga and Pilates to be the perfect combination. Her classes are challenging, inspiring, and fun with an emphasis on precision, alignment. and wise use of equipment to help reach an effortless expression of the poses. Her aim is to teach with firmness and compassion, but always with a sense of humour!